Canada Goose Welcomes First-Ever Creative Director

Haider Ackermann's distinct vision will unify the cornerstones of the brand authenticity, craftsmanship, performance - and usher in a new era.

Renowned designer Haider Ackermann joins Canada Goose as our first-ever Creative Director. A luminary in the industry and universally celebrated for influencing modern luxury, Haider’s creative vision will usher in a new era for product and brand at Canada Goose.

Inspired by a trip to Churchill, Manitoba—known as the polar bear capital of the world—Haider Ackermann’s decision to lead with an exclusive style in support of Polar Bears International (PBI) reveals a profound bond with the purpose and heritage of Canada Goose: he shares our belief that every human has an inherent responsibility to protect our planet and an ability to make a meaningful impact.

“What drew me to Canada Goose is its authentic reputation and drive to stay committed to its purpose. The impact the brand has had on the world around us is meaningful and inspirational.”

– Haider Ackermann, Creative Director

Limited edition. Longstanding support.

Haider Ackermann’s inaugural piece for Canada Goose. Made from organic cotton and designed in support of Polar Bears International, the limited edition PBI Hoodie is offered in four distinct colourways that connect Haider’s signature style to bold hallmarks found from sea to sky in the Arctic.

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“I have put my full force into inspiring planet-friendly choices to address the climate crisis,”

says Academy Award-winning actor, producer, author and activist Jane Fonda. As the star of our campaign, the chance to bring attention to what’s happening in the Arctic was what inspired her to work with Haider and Canada Goose.

“What’s happening in the Arctic is powerful, important and essential.”

– Jane Fonda

Polar bears, the iconic symbol of the Arctic, are on the front lines of climate change and an indicator species for the effects of global warming. Their survival is intricately tied to the health of the entire Arctic ecosystem, and by extension, the well-being of us all. Polar Bears International is at the forefront of efforts to study, understand and protect these magnificent beings and their habitat. “I consider myself a student of the environment and my trip to Churchill lit a fire to do more and be more,” said Haider. “My hope is that by coming together with the extraordinary climate champion Jane Fonda, we can help drive people to act– and to do it now.”

Protect. The PBI Hoodie.

100% of proceeds from the sale go to PBI to fund vital research, innovative conservation strategies and community education about the importance of protecting the Arctic.

Crystal White
Borealis Green
Arctic Blue
Onyx Black


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